Star Wars Party Ideas

My son is really into Legos and Star Wars so for his 6 birthday he wanted to have a Lego Star Wars Party.  We started with the invitations.  I used my publishing program to make a simple invitation using clip art I found on line.  Since we invited my son's entire class and they were so young I invited all the parents which was the smartest thing I ever did.  It was the beginning of the school year and didn't know each other well.  Plus it gave me a chance to get to know the parents in his class.  For the big day these were the ideas we came up with

1.  Light Saber.  To make them we cut pool noodles in half with a sharp knife.   The we put duct tape to back the bottles look like a handle.  It was the hit of the party.  We blew up ballons and had the kids try to keep them up as long as the could.  The winner got a prize.  I admit 15 kindergarteners running around with light saber got a little crazy.  The kids all ended up ganging up on my husband.  They had a blast though and so it was worth it.  Plus they got a favor to bring home. 




2.  Creativity.  Next we played a Lego Game called Creativity which we bought on  It is basically charades with Legos.  The kids had a so much fun!  If you don't have the game you can still play it.  All you need is a bunch of Legos.  Just make up card with different easy things the kids can make out of legos.  Divide the party into two groups and play it just like regular charades.

3.  We decorated the House with with Star Wars colors..silver, Black,and Blue, and had silver and Black balloons.  I recently went to a party where the had ballons that lit up inside.  The person go them at Walmart and they were extremely  cool!  They lasted for almost 24 hours too!

4.  We made a letter sized sign that we printed on our home printer for the front door that used the same clip art as the invitations saying "Welcome Jedi Knights"

5.  Cake.  My husband is an excellent baker!  Thankfully my mother-in-law is sentimental and saved the Darth Vader Wilton cake pan from my husbands childhood. My husband to an awesome job decorating it.  You can get a cake pan just like it on ebay.


6.  Yoda Punch -  A party just wouldn't be complete with out some punch!!!!  To make this concoction.  I simply added lemon lime soda (ginger ale would work great too), pineapple juice, and green lime sherbert.  It was very tasty!!!

7.  Favor Bags-  another must for any party is party favors.  The contents we nothing special.  Just some things I picked up from the dollar store and candy.  It's all about the presentation though!  I bought some white lunch bags and Star Wars stickers at Walmart.  I had my son put a sticker on each one and then he wrote on them in marker Jedi followed by their name.  It may not have been the prettiest writing, but he sure had fun doing it and it was a great way to get him involved.


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